Leo Kazeri


In addition to being the catholic priest that oversees the Nyegina Parish, Kazeri has also been a champion for development in the Musoma area for decades. He has served as the Director of Development for the area Diocese and President of UMABU, a partner of TDS since 2008. 


Frank Consolata


Frank is currently the staff accountant for UMABU and has played a critical role in managing donor funds and providing financial transparency in TDS projects. Since 2016, he has also helped manage the day-to-day, especially in assisting the women of the Safe Water Mugango project. 

Gabriel Magita


Gabriel is a part-time ICT teacher at Musoma Technical Secondary School that also oversee the 4H Career Pathways program in Tanzania. He is responsible for managing the current after school clubs and the teacher coordinators that work with students.

John Odongo


John is a graduate of the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology and specializes in the use of technology for rural development. He is currently managing our efforts to connect the LCRC to the internet and install a local server to manage the library's catalog. 


Education Systems Center at NIU

The mission of Education Systems Center is to shape and support public systems that prepare more young people for careers in a global economy.


Northern Illinois University Study Abroad

Since 2009, TDS has partnered with NIU's Division of International Affairs to host the Role of NGO's in Developing Countries program. During this time, more than 50 Huskies have participated in the program. 


Nyegina Secondary School

The private boarding school in the village of Nyegina has an excellent reputation and has scored in the top 25% of secondary schools in the country for several years. It houses the LCRC, girls' dormitory, and is also where the Willmann Scholars attend school.