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Joyce Masso
Director of the LCRC

Joyce is one of the founding members and current Director of the Library & Community Resource Center in Nyegina. She graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in Education from St. Augustine University of Tanzania and then received her Master's Degree in Literacy Education from Northern Illinois University.


Moses Deogratius
LCRC Librarian

Moses is the librarian at the Library & Community Resource Center in Nyegina. He received his diploma in library science from Eckernforde Tanga University and has done a wonderful job providing a variety of books to students and community members. He has been working with TDS since 2016.


John Odongo
IT Specialist

John is the IT Specialist and has been working with TDS since 2019. He received his degree in Computer Engineering from the Nairobi Institute of Technology and helped TDS install an internet tower for the LCRC. Today he trains the students and teachers on how to use all of the resources that are available at the LCRC. 


Maiga Muga

Maiga joined TDS in 2021 as the 4H and Career Pathways Coordinator. He received his Bachelor's degree in Education from the University of Dar es Salaam and participated in an educational exchange program that brought him to Illinois! 

Education Systems Center at NIU


The mission of Education Systems Center is to shape and support public systems that prepare more young people for careers in a global economy.

Northern Illinois University Study Abroad

niu study abraod.jpg

Since 2009, TDS has partnered with NIU's Division of International Affairs to host the Role of NGO's in Developing Countries program. During this time, more than 50 Huskies have participated in the program. 

Nyegina Secondary School

LCRC .jpg

The private boarding school in the village of Nyegina has an excellent reputation and has scored in the top 25% of secondary schools in the country for several years. It houses the LCRC, girls' dormitory, and is also where the Willmann Scholars attend school. 

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