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4H Career Pathways

Through a partnership with Education Systems Center at Northern Illinois University and 4H Tanzania, the 4H Career Pathways program is a program that supports extracurricular clubs at the primary and secondary school levels and engages students in the practical application of classroom theory, as well as building life skills (self-reliance and self-discipline) that students carry forward after their academic career. In addition to building various competencies and skills, the 4HCP program also engages students in career exploration and development of a personal plan to accomplish their self-identified career pathway.

Students in secondary school clubs self-select a career interest and participate in different tracts that teach lessons that are specific to their career interest, including: agriculture and environmental conservation, healthcare, business development and management, creative arts, and information and communication technologies. Students participating in each tract participate in public awareness and income-generating activities that fund club supplies. 

Originally launched in 2017, the program has served more than 700 youth in seven different schools and has shown promising results. Several schools have successfully cultivated "Enterprise Gardens" that have produced fresh vegetables that were sold to schools participating in a school lunch program. Additionally, the two public secondary schools have seen a reduction in the number of girls becoming pregnant!

It is our goal to expand the program into additional schools in the Mara region in the coming year. If you are interested in supporting the expansion of this program, please donate to the 4H Career Pathways program or complete a contact form to volunteer with a club directly!

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