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Madaraka Nyerere Library and

Community Resource Center

The Madaraka Nyerere Library and Community Resource Center (LCRC) was envisioned by community leaders in the Mara region as a "kituo cha maarifa" ("knowledge center") for the villages in the Rural Musoma area and a place for educational innovation. Constructed in 2016, the LCRC now houses the largest collection of books in Kiswahili of any private community library in the country. Although English is one of Tanzania's national languages, literacy in English in rural areas is very low. To maximize accessible content for LCRC users, the library's collection was carefully curated by local experts with community input from hundreds of families. 

The LCRC also includes facilities for pre-primary educational programs, community meetings and educational seminars, multiple computer labs, and a teacher resource center. As the LCRC progresses from bricks to books and beyond, TDS works with our local partners towards a vision of a 21st Century place for learning. Construction of the necessary infrastructure to provide internet to the facility is underway and will soon connect the LCRC to the digital world, providing tremendous opportunities for teachers and students to access free educational resources. 


The flexible design of the LCRC allows it to adapt to the needs of the community around it, acting as a hub for several outreach programs. TDS is currently working on developing two pilot projects; a mobile classroom that utilizes portable technology to bring the LCRC's resources to villages and schools with limited access to power and internet, and the Mara Innovation Lab for Education (Project MILE). Project MILE exposes teachers in the Mara region to innovative teaching practices and provides them with opportunities to pursue professional development that is absent. 

We are seeking volunteers that are interested in leveraging their expertise and networks to the develop innovative solutions to some of the most complex educational challenges in Tanzania. Learn more about the mobile classroom and Project MILE, and how you can get involved: