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2019 Annual Report Now Available

It can be easy to feel pessimistic these days. At the time of writing this, an estimated 5 million people around the world have been confirmed to have COVID-19, and more than 300,000 have lost their life to the disease. Feelings of isolation and uncertainty about the future also weigh heavy on the hearts. Many aspects of our lives have been put on hold, and we find ourselves with more time to reflect on the past and worry about the future. As grim as the situation is, it is important to remember that together we will prevail, so long as we continue to care for one another.

As we drafted the 2019 Annual Report, it was a reminder of how much can be accomplished through patience, persistence, and genuine love for all our global neighbors. Although it can feel like the world is on pause, the importance of our mission has not faded. If anything, it has become more important. The toll of children being out of school for months at a time is still unknown.

When children and teachers return to school in the Mara region, they will be facing an uphill battle to catch up on lost time with limited resources. That is why our efforts to provide improved access to educational materials (mandated and supplemental) must carry forward.

2019 was a remarkable year for laying important groundwork for new projects and programs that will allow the LCRC's resources to be taken advantage of by the thousands of families living in villages around the facility. As we look back on the year, it motivates us to be optimistic about what we can accomplish. We will have to adjust our strategies and remain mindful of the circumstances around us, but we remain committed to our mission.

To read our 2019 Annual Report, click on the link below.

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