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2022 Highlights

4HCP: The program has now consistently served 7 schools over the past year with more than 600 students actively involved. The most recent projects included a seminar on mental health, building drip-irrigation systems using water bottles, and meeting with business professionals to practice public speaking.

Willmann Scholarship Fund: The 1st cohort of graduates are well on their way to pursuing their passions which range from starting a sewing business to pursuing a college degree!

The Pre-Primary & Early Reading Programs: The two pilot programs that started in 2021 have now become a highly desired class for parents to send their children to. They currently have almost 100 students enrolled! We attribute the success of these programs to the excellent teaching done by Angela & Hamis as well as the outreach executed by the LCRC Director, Joyce Masso.

Internet Access: Back in June, Mkono Secondary School (one of the participating 4HCP schools) took us on a tour of their computer lab which was not in use due to no internet access. After securing an agreement that the parents would pay for the internet service connection to ensure long-term sustainability of the lab, TDS provided funds to connect the lab to the internet service towers. The 4HCP and LCRC staff worked with the school to update the lab and connect the internet. Today, the students at Mkono are using the lab almost every day and our IT Specialist teaches technology classes there once a week!

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