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Community Conversation in Chicago

Over the last three years, TDS has worked with Education Systems Center at Northern Illinois University and Mara teachers to implement a new extracurricular program in seven schools (four primary & three secondary) in the Mara region. The 4H Career Pathways program engages students in career exploration, self awareness, personal health, and financial literacy. Since launching in 2017, we have seen promising results from the program, especially in the area of students and teachers using practical exercises to reinforce theories being taught in the classroom.

On March 12, we will be holding a meet & greet style event with food and drinks to share our insights about the program and our plans to expand into additional schools next year. The event is free to attend, but was ask that you RSVP to the event since there is limited space available. To reserve your spot at the event, please register through the link below:

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