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TDS Kilimanjaro Climbers Raise $34,000!

Congratulations to our 2022 Mt. Kilimanjaro Climbers! On the morning of May 23rd, nine of our volunteers, two students from Nyegina Secondary School and Father Robert, CEO of Nyegina Secondary School, successfully reached the Roof of Africa! We are thrilled they were able to join us for this once-in-a-lifetime experience while supporting our mission to improve the quality of education for boys & girls in the Mara Region. Our volunteers helped raise over $33,200! Thank you to everyone who donated and supported our 2022 Kilimanjaro F

undraising Campaign!

A special thanks goes out to our 2022 volunteers for supporting TDS and joining us on this journey!

  • Taylor Adolphson - TDS Volunteer

  • Jenée Carlson - TDS Communications Director

  • James Cohen - TDS Board Member

  • Mary D'Aversa - TDS Volunteer

  • Angela Deogratius - Nyegina Secondary Student

  • Tim Drolet - TDS Volunteer

  • Jill Dua - TDS Volunteer

  • Abel Emmanuel - Nyegina Secondary Student

  • Eric Hill - TDS Volunteer

  • Jennie Hueber - TDS Board Member

  • Father Robert Luvakubandi - CEO, Nyegina Secondary School

  • Dane Richards - TDS Volunteer

  • Mary Snieckus - TDS Volunteer

  • Kurt Thurmaier - TDS Founder

  • Jon Yambert - TDS Volunteer

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