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Local farmers utilize the LCRC to implement new farming practices

Moses meets with two members of the microfinance group to discuss how the LCRC can help with their farming practices.

Mr. Majembe has been visiting the Library & Community Resource Center (LCRC) since 2016 when he first attended a workshop about the value of reading which was hosted by our founder, Dr. Kurt Thurmaier. Fast forward to 2022, Mr. Majembe ran into Dr. Thurmaier at the Library and shared all of the progress that he has made on his farm thanks to the agricultural books TDS has provided in the LCRC. Dr. Thurmaier recommended that he share his new best practices with his neighbors, friends, and family!

Last month, Moses, the LCRC Librarian, was invited to speak with Mr. Majembe’s microfinance group. He provided them with a list of the current agricultural books that are already in the library and also took note of the topics that the farmers would like to learn more about. The group shared ideas, new approaches to farming, and discussed how the books in the library can continue to improve their farming practices. This is a great example of how expanding a reading culture can uplift a community!

Moses visits Mr. Majembe's farm to learn more about the progress he has made and the current challenges he is facing.


Agriculture in the Mara Region

Agriculture is one of the key sectors in the Mara Region and many families rely on their personal farms for

4HCP members showcase their gardens.

food security. That is why each school that is currently partnering with our 4H Career Pathways Program has started its own garden! The students participating in 4HCP are already learning how to apply their knowledge from reading to their own gardening practices. The students are involved in the entire process from preparing the land, to harvesting the fruits and vegetables. Most importantly, many of the students are sharing what they have learned with their parents to improve their gardens at home!

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