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Pre-Primary Program Introduced at the LCRC

One of the most exciting things to see when we have a chance to visit the LCRC in person is how excited children are to have access to books. When the neighboring primary schools let students out for recess, there is always a small stampede of students that runs over to the LCRC to spend their free time reading and looking through picture books. TDS Founder and President, Dr. Kurt Thurmaier, will happily attest that it's the kind of experience that brings happy tears to one's eyes.

Last month, while "Professor Kurt" was on a video call, he had the opportunity to meet a whole new group of bright young learners. LCRC Director, Joyce Masso, brought him (virtually) into a room where more than 20 children and their mothers were participating in a new program that works with pre-primary children. The new program is an initiative that is being led by a young woman named Angela, who is a volunteer that lives in Nyegina. It is her vision for pre-primary children in Nyegina to have a place to learn and better prepare for school and she saw the LCRC as an opportunity to bring her vision to life.

These eager future students are now using the LCRC's resources to learn about things like colors, shapes, numbers, the alphabet, and more. The popularity of the program has grown and the number of children attending has increased over the past month. We are now working with the LCRC staff to assess the new program and identify the type of equipment (small furniture, mats, learning tools) needed to continue the program.

If you're interested in getting involved with this new project, please reach out to us!

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