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Willmann Scholars Score Top Marks on National Exam

The Willmann Scholarship Fund was launched in 2018 to support education for gifted girls who come from low-income households. This year, we had the first cohort of scholars graduate and we recently received their National Exam results. If a student scores in Division 1 or 2, they are eligible to move on to an Advanced Level school (required next step toward university eligibility) which is sponsored by the government. We are excited to share that 8 of 10 Willmann Scholars scored in these Divisions! We are also happy to announce that one of the Willmann Scholars, Gaudensia Mtaka, scored the highest out of the entire Form 4 at Nyegina Secondary School! Thank you to SVI International for supporting her education over the last four years. TDS would also like to give a special shout-out to Phil Driscoll for supporting 5 girls this year! Without the caring and financial support of their generous sponsors, the Willmann Scholars would have never had the opportunity to receive an education at a boarding school, safe from early marriages and other bad consequences. The National Exam results are a testament to what a young girl can achieve if she is given the opportunity to thrive. Thank you to the 40+ compassionate sponsors that have helped these girls reach their full potential! If you are interested in sponsoring a girl, please send an email to

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