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Safe Water Mugango

Waterborne illness is one of the leading causes of children missing school in the Mara region. When children miss school for extended periods of time without access to textbooks, it can have a permanent impact on their education. Due to a lack of water infrastructure and the seasonality of rains in the Mara region, access to clean water is limited for most families. 

Launched in 2018, Safe Water Mugango is a women's-owned social enterprise that manufactures low-cost ceramic water filters using colloidal silver and local materials. The filters require no energy to remove dangerous bacteria from water. By removing the need for firewood to boil water, it lowers the cost of clean water, eliminates waste from plastic bottles, and helps to reduce deforestation. The women also manufacture high-efficiency stoves for cooking. The stove uses much less charcoal than traditional methods of cooking, limiting the amount of household air pollution that can cause respiratory illness. 

In addition to making a difference in their community through their business, their business also benefits the women and their families. Profits made from the business allow the women to pay school fees and purchase school supplies for their children. To support the women, their families, and protect families from preventable disease, purchase a water filter on behalf of a classroom or family in the Mara region.

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