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Striving for Sustainability at the LCRC

The Madaraka Nyerere Library and Community Resource Center (LCRC) was envisioned to be a 21st century center for learning for the tens of thousands of people living in the area surrounding the village of Nyegina. Now that the facility has been filled with thousands of books in both English and Swahili, and connected to the internet, we are striving to ensure that the facility will still be thriving for decades to come. A major component of sustainability for the LCRC is building a membership base. Not only does a large and active membership base mean that lots of people are benefiting from the resources at the library, it also means that the LCRC would be generating a self-sustaining revenue stream.

Many of the families in the villages surrounding the LCRC have never had a chance to visit a facility like the LCRC, and are unfamiliar with the concept of having a membership to check out books. We recognize the challenges and time that it will take to recruit a membership base that is sufficient to cover the ongoing costs of operating the facility. We are also committed to ensuring that the LCRC is sustainable and will not rely on permanent external funding to continue benefiting the communities it serves. That's why we will be working with LCRC staff and community leaders on a five-year sustainability plan.

The only way that we can accomplish our goal is to raise enough money to fund the five year sustainability plan. We recently published a detailed project overview that includes a history of the project, where we are today, and a vision for the next five years. We would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word about the project and helping us recruit new volunteers and donors to support this transformative project. Use the link below to read through the project overview and forward it to your friends and family that might be interested in being a supporter.

Interested in supporting the project beyond just forwarding the document? We are also recruiting volunteers that would like to travel to Tanzania and participate in an adventure fundraiser like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or taking on a series of fitness challenges across northern Tanzania. If you are not the adventurous type but would still like to experience Tanzania as a volunteer, we also offer custom itineraries and volunteer opportunities.

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