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Give DeKalb 2023 - Boost your support

Partnerships are the foundation of our mission. We would not be able to have a meaningful impact on improving access to educational opportunities and resources if it was not for the hard work of our local partners in the Mara region, and we cannot provide financial support to them without the generosity of donors like you. Your investment into our mission is changing the lives of youth on a daily basis. Once a year, TDS has the wonderful opportunity to have donations boosted by the DeKalb County Community Foundation through their Give DeKalb County campaign. That means your gift to TDS goes further to support our mission.

The impact of our past Give DeKalb County campaigns have been remarkable. The money raised through this matching opportunity has gone to all of our programs in the Mara region, and as of 2023 here is the return on that investment:

  • 58 children are now participating in an early reading program to prepare them for primary school

  • 42 primary school students are taking part in a supplementary reading program

  • More than 50 girls have received full scholarships to attend secondary school - including 20 that have successfully graduated

  • More than 600 students in seven schools are participating in the 4H Career Pathways program where they are building entrepreneurial, leadership, and agricultural skills

  • More than 800 students have access to 60 computers with internet access at the LCRC and Mkono Secondary School where they are taking computer courses and using digital resources to supplement their studies

  • The LCRC now has more than 10,000 books on it shelves for children and adults of all ages, including one of Tanzania's largest collection of books published in Swahili by African publishers!

We see the impact that the programs we support are having, and we have a bold vision to continue expanding them into new schools in the coming year. Donations made to TDS through our 2023 Give DeKalb County campaign will go towards:

  • Purchasing books for the library to support reading clubs at several schools, the early childhood reading programs, and a growing group of farmers utilizing the library to improve their agricultural practices

  • Installing the internet and a new computer lab at Etaro Secondary School to provide access to more than 500 students

  • Expanding the 4H Career Pathways program to at least two more schools

  • Partnering with local artists to bring student's writing to life by creating a collection of illustrated storybooks that will be published and live at the LCRC

Please help support our goals for expanding programs and creating new opportunities for hundreds more children in the coming year by donating generously to TDS on May 4.

In order for your donations to be eligible for a boost by the DCCF, you must donate through our Give DeKalb campaign page on May 4, or donate via check with the mail-in form. Below are instructions for making sure your donation to TDS gets boosted this year.

Online Donation Instructions

  1. Visit the TDS Give DeKalb County campaign page on May 4. Online donations can only be made on that day.

  2. Select the amount you would like to donate. Please give generously.

  3. Complete the online instruction to submit you donation.

Mail-In Donation Instructions

  1. Download and print the Give DeKalb County mail-in donation form

  2. Complete the form per instructions

  3. Write a check to the DeKalb County Community Foundation (DCCF). Checks must be made to the foundation in order to qualify. Checks made out to TDS will not receive a matching bonus.

  4. Mail the donation form and check to DCCF. Mailed donations must be postmarked between April 20 and May 4.

If you have any questions about this opportunity, please reach out to Thank you for your continued support of TDS.

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