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Water Awareness Presentation Success

Andrea Trudeau, TDS Board Member, raised awareness about the pressing water issues in Tanzania with stories, facts, and images directly from her travels and teaching. She was joined by Eric Hill, Executive Director of TDS, who also shared his experiences and some possible solutions for easing the water crisis. The various TDS projects that go directly to clean water for drinking and agriculture, like the 4HCP program, were highlighted along with the fundraising climb up Kilimanjaro.

Students hefted the jerry can water jugs, feeling firsthand the weight that many Tanzanian women bear daily in their long journeys to secure water for their families. The collective effort of these four impactful presentations not only brought TDS's mission to the forefront, but also emphasized its dedication to enhancing education in the Mara region. Special thanks to Shepard Middle School for extending the invitation and providing a platform for this crucial dialogue.

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