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L.E.A.P. Day at Pollyanna St. Charles

Did you know that it actually takes 365.25 days for the Earth to orbit the Sun? In order to keep our calendars accurate over time, a 366th day is added every four years. Since February 29 only comes around once every four years, we wanted to celebrate Leap Day in an extra special way. That's why we are partnering with Pollyanna Brewing Company to host an event called Learning Empowers Awesome Potential. We will be hanging out at Pollyanna's St. Charles location on February 29th and sharing information about our mission in the Mara region and how investing in girl's education is a massive global impact for good.

Thanks to Pollyanna, you can also support TDS by enjoying their award winning craft beer from 4-6pm. A portion of proceeds from each pour during that time will go to supporting our efforts to improve access to quality education for youth and their families in the Mara region. It's not too often that you have a chance to help make the world a better place by sipping on a beer, so we do hope you and your friends will join us for a unique celebration on a unique day!

L.E.A.P. Day at Pollyanna

February 29 | 4-6PM

Pollyanna Brewing Company

106 S. Riverside Ave.

St. Charles, IL 60174

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